We are in partnership with first4training who run our first aid courses. For more information and to book on a course, please click the book button where will be taken to the booking and payment page on their website.

Our course dates

9th May - 1 Day First Aid

10th May - Mental Health First Aid

19th May - 1 Day First Aid

20th May - Mental Health First Aid

13th June - 1 Day First Aid

14th June - Mental Health first Aid

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Our course list

First Aid Kit

Emergency First Aid - 1 Day

First4Trainings Emergency First Aid course has been written to provide learners with the training they need to respond to an emergency first aid situation.

This course covers:

• Unresponsive casualty
• Communication
• The role of a First Aider
• Burns and Scalds
• Choking
• Heart Attack
• Cardiac Arrest
• Defib
• Seizures
• Shock



Psychologist's Office

Mental Health First Aid – 1 Day

First4Trainings Mental Health 1 day First Aid Course has been designed to give learners the key information they need to notice signs and symptoms in someone who is suffering from mental health.

The course will include:

• An understanding of Mental Health
• The stigma surrounding MH
• Who is at a higher risk of suffering from MH?
• Stress
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Suicide
• Other MH illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, PTSD and OCD
• Understanding empathy
• Understanding resilience
• Supporting positive Mental Health